Thank you everyone who came along to CLASSWAROOM on 3 June for my publication launch and the screening of Eric Lamptey's edit of my RISK MANAGEMENT EXERCISE performance. It can be seen in the Video section of the site. (b) .jpg
Risk Management Exercise, 2022 tour 9 (t).jpg
the Site/Ad-Site Kings Cross tour, 2019 pic 3.jpg
Separation: a performance in three parts: 2018 still 1 (t).jpg
FOMO@thequeenshead: 2017 good 1 (t).jpg
Packaging Alchemy, 2016 quiz 1(t).jpg
Scientoligist Personality Test Pub quiz, 2015 1 (t).jpg
Puppetmaster, 2014 600a.jpg
Compensation Culture, 2014 att delfina (t)_v3.jpg
Please pay attention..., 2013 1 (t).jpg
Tub-thumper, 2013 piece still (t).jpg
Conversation piece, 2012 guard.jpg
Don't let them Leave the Building, 2010 image.jpg
Disclaimers, 2009 Marble Crew (t).jpg
All Marble Crew, 2008
Buyrun, 2008 (t)600.jpg
The Secret lives of Mascots, 2007 event (600).jpg
Fun Event, 2006 2(t).jpg
Ban This Filth, 2005 4(600).jpg
Please Come In, 2004