Thank you everyone who came along to CLASSWAROOM on 3 June for my publication launch and the screening of Eric Lamptey's edit of my RISK MANAGEMENT EXERCISE performance. It can be seen in the Video section of the site.
Solo Exhibitions

2023 Risk Management Exercise: Film Screening and Publication Launch, Stratford, London
2022 Turn on with Thumbs, turn off with Forearms, Stratford, London
2020 NATIONWIDE SERVICE, Deptford X, London
2018 Colloquial Waiver Performance, Infinite Multiple Salon, London
2015 Exit Strategies, GARAGE, Edinburgh Fringe
2015 The Scientologist Personality Test Pub Quiz, The Gladstone, London
2014 Compensation Culture, GARAGE, Edinburgh Fringe
2012 Arthur Gets a Job, Book Launch, The Gladstone, London
2012 Point of Sale, The Vitrine Gallery, London
2011 Survival Instinct, Deptford X, London
2010 Feral C.C.T.V., (Installation for Exterritory) Nicosia, Cyprus
2006 The Professionals, Phoenix Gallery, Leicester
2006 Perfectmother Presents, Pineal Eye, Soho, London
2006 Peculiar Propaganda, Carpe Diem, Osaka, Japan
2003 Free Market, Waikiki, Soho, London
2002 Launch, Pineal Eye, Soho, London
2002 Product Placement, Waikiki, Soho, London
1999 Gloss, Windsor Art Center, Windsor

Group Exhibitions

2023 Guest artist in Yasmina Reggad's Dreamt of utopia and woke up screaming, The Mosaic Rooms, London
2022 The JOKAklubi THEORY Show, ASC Gallery, London
2022 What a Joke! AIR Gallery, Altrincham
2022 Microacts 11, VFDalston, London
2020 POW!, The Bridge House, London
2019 ArtNight, Associate Programme
2019 London2019 The Art Car Boot Fair, London
2018 Passive Activists II, Moose Space, The Hague
2018 The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival — Art Week Exeter
2018 The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival VI, London
2017 Divorce Ceremony, Dependance Party, Helsinki
2017 Curating in the dark, Toynbee Studios, London
2017 infinite multiple launch event, Pi Artworks, London
2017 ArtNight, Associate Programme, London
2016 Site (un)Specific, METAL Southend
2016 You don't need Eyes to see, you need Vision, London
2016 Performance Programme, Material Art Fair, Mexico City
2016 Salon Acme, Mexico City
2016 Mi Casa Tu Casa, Casa Imelda, Mexico City
2015 Market Sundries, Gardners, East London Photomonth, London
2015 Salon at St Saviour's, Plymouth Art Weekender, Plymouth
2015 Performance as Process, Delfina Foundation, London
2015 Repeat/Rehearse, Delfina Foundation, London
2014 DJART '14 Festival, Algiers
2013 Talk, Soibhan Davies Studio, London
2013 Fort Da, Siobhan Davies Studio, London
2013 COS Artwalk, Stoke Newington High Street, London
2013 A3 Works, A3 Project Space, Digbeth, Birmingham
2012 Misunderstandings and other Circumstances, Polistar, Istanbul
2012 Absent/Present, Hotel Paravent, Berlin
2012 Circa 1960, Guest Projects, London
2012 Climb like a Cucumber, Fall like an Aubergine, W139, Amsterdam
2012 Ghost Station, Bletchley Park
2011 Crash, Vivid, Birmingham
2011 Field Trip, Field Broadcast, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex
2011 Natural Language, The Vitrine Gallery, London
2011 ArtHertz, Kinetika Art Fair 2011
2010 Hibird, The Vitrine Gallery, London
2010 Tefltastic, (Free School) Five Years, Bethnal Green Library, London
2010 Agency, The Agency, London
2010 All the World’s a Stage, Brixton Market, London
2010 Scapegoat Society, Guest Projects, London
2009 Urge Yourself Under, Five Hundred Dollars, London
2009 Deloitte Ignite 09, The Royal Opera House, London
2009 Police and Violence Show, Sassoon Gallery, London
2009 Olympic Visions, The Nunnery, London
2009 What Line Isn’t That Anyone?, Resonance FM
2009 Magnetism, All Art Now Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2009 The Role of the Village Idiot, Peckham Square, London
2008 Human Resources – Don’t open that door if you can’t close It, V22, London
2008 Free Art Fair, Marble Arch, London
2008 Scene in the Making, Concrete and Glass, London
2008 Concrete and Glass Launch. Shoreditch House, London
2008 On Produceability, Alti Aylik, Istanbul, (Amsterdam, L.A. Cologne)
2008 Play on Words, Sainsbury’s Centre, Norwich
2008 Unexpected item in the bagging area, Sun and Doves, London
2008 Burning Books, Of Corso, Rotterdam
2008 Suburbia, The Foreign Press Association, London
2007 Spectre vs. Rector, The Residence, London
2007 I like it a Lot, Nettie Horn, London
2007 Retro Future, Fulham Palace, London
2007 Earth, Wind and Fire, The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
2007 Scandal, City Gallery, Leicester
2007 You Can Lead a Horse to Water, Alma Enterprises, London
2006 There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you, SpaceStation 65, London
2006 Amberg & Marti Gallery, Liste, Basel
2006 Painting Ruins, Kabul, Afganistan
2006 History, New Walk Museum, Leicester
2006 Failure to do so is an offence, Galerie de HFBK, Hamburg
2005 Fleamarket II, Temporary Contemporary, Deptford, London
2004 Sixty Second Film Festival, Portsmouth
2004 Our Present Knowledge of the Universe, Hinterconti, Germany
2004 Fleamarket, Temporary Contemporary, Deptford, London
2003 Ghosts, House Gallery, Camberwell, London
2003 A-clip Premiere, Screen on the Green, Islington, London
2003 A-clip Premiere, Kino International, Berlin, Germany
2003 Exhibition 23, Cargo, Hoxton, London
2002 Snow Sculpture Championships, Colorado, U.S.A.
2001 Hoax, Lux Center, Hoxton, London
2000 Build a Fort, Burn it Down, Falmouth Art gallery, Falmouth
1999 Multiples and Editions, Artsway, Sway


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