Thank you everyone who came to the finishage performance of Turn on with Thumbs, turn off with Forearms at CLASSWAROOM and/or my performance at the JOKAklubi THEORY Show. 2 (b).jpg
CORROSIVE MATERIAL, 2022 2 (b).jpg
TOXIC HAZARD, 2022 ICE (b).jpg
THIN ICE W site image main.jpg
NATIONWIDE SERVICE bin dated mock 2_v5.jpg
Site/Ad-Site, Ongoing 2 (t).jpg
The Doormat of Consent, 2017 strip 3 (800).jpg
Iconic Object Metamorphosis, 2016 Ex R (exp) still (t).jpg
Fire Exit Right, (Expanded), 2015 Exit (uni) 2 (tt) copy_v2.jpg
Fire Exit (Universal), 2015 sign 1 (t)_v6.jpg
Fire Exit Right (Illuminated), 2015 ghost 600.jpg
Ghost, 2012 d (600-).jpg
Citrus Defense, 2012 3(600).jpg
S.E.T.I (citrus devision), 2011 of Hell (600).jpg
New Circles of Hell, 2011 (600-).jpg
Island, 2009, red (600).jpg
Nightfire Red, Flame Red, 2008 2.jpg
Point of Sale (detail), 2007 bag (600).jpg
Beuys/Vuitton Remade, 2006 height, four arm (600).jpg
Fixed height, 4-arm, 2005 bk 600.jpg
Lego - artist, 2005