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Compensation Culture, 2014

In October 1960 Yves Klein produced Le Saut dans le vide (Leap into the Void). This leap of faith was performed at Rue Gentil-Bernard a nondescript Parisian street. Even with the trickery involved in this photomontage ( in which the large tarpaulin Klein leaped onto was removed from the final image) what Health and Safety guidelines would have to be observed to reproduce the work in today’s Compensation Culture?
How to would the work be viewed? Klein used the photograph as evidence of his ability to undertake unaided lunar travel but now it is more reminiscent of the ‘No Win, No Fee’ adverts that surround us.
For GARAGE Adrian Lee will ascend a step ladder atop the lock-ups, quoting as he does the testimonials harvested from such sites as injury lawyers 4U that attempt to explain the benefits to society of suing the other party. Once at the top will he dive gracefully outward like Klein, sensibly descend anticlimactically or end up torn between the two?

Photo by Ali MacGilp, Footage by Emma Bowen